Better information and enhanced analysis improves
decision making and business performance

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Using the detailed customer and sales information gathered by QR Connexus Big Data Analytics provides non-obvious customer,
product, outlet and other patterns and insights to drive and support improved high level decision-making and business performance.

Big Data Analytics

As the database of transactions builds up it offers the opportunity to identify highly valuable business and marketing patterns and insights that improve and support high level decision-making and business performance.

This database can be examined and analysed using both conventional human-driven analysis and powerful machine-generated pattern identification using complex algorithms to highlight clusters of commonality not identifiable by conventional analytic techniques. This information is highly valuable in providing non-obvious customer, product, outlet and other patterns, insights and opportunities. This analysis can be used to significantly improve marketing and operational effectiveness, decision-making and overall business performance.

HP GPAS facilitates the gathering and storage of this information in the HP Cloud (for both current and future use). In addition to conventional database analysis of this information powerful ‘Big Data’ Analytics capabilities are available. For a more detailed explanation and business examples of these cutting edge technologies visit the HP Vertica website:


Information is the key resource to informed decision-making, so start gathering detailed data and building a database in a more comprehensive manner now. QR Connexus can provide the solution in a comprehensive product and technology package.