“I love it. I think it’s a great idea.”

“Better for the environment, better for me, very functional and a great idea”

“If only a few places had this cup I would look out for them and go there for my coffee.”

“Overall it’s a much better type of cup, easier all round.”

“I liked the no spillage and it didn’t leak and also was easy to hold.”

Market Feasibility

To understand the Market feasibility of ButterflyCup, Hanpak commissioned The Research Centre to conduct both in-store and focus group market research. The aim was to:

1. Identify consumers’ attitude to the existing cup and lid offering (is there a ‘problem’ and, if so, the intensity of demand for a solution)

2. Evaluate consumer response to ButterflyCup

3. To get feedback to identify any improvements required to the prototype ButterflyCup tested

In-Store / Retail Test Research (March 2017)

A one-day in-store trial was conducted at the Junction 14 Motorway Services Area on the M7 motorway at both the barista service and self-service areas in the outlet. The Research Centre gathered questionnaire responses from 221 customers who had never seen or used ButterflyCup previously.

Focus Group Research (July 2015)

The Research Centre probed consumer attitudes to the existing cup and lid and gathered initial and follow-up feedback (having used ButterflyCup at home, in the car, while walking, etc for several days) to assess opinions. Impressively, all the participants strongly preferred ButterflyCup to the existing cup and lid and are sufficiently negative towards lids to actively want to switch to ButterflyCup.

A brief selection of direct quotes from focus group participants is illustrative:

ButterflyCup and KaiLai Packaging